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Welcome Cape Town ladies to the Candibod Fitclub!

Now I know what you are thinking ‘Please don’t let this be just another boot-camp‘ well ladies you’re in luck because it ain’t. The reason I created the CandiBod Fitclub was to bring women from all cultures, shapes and fitness levels together, not only to break a sweat and start the day in a positive way, but to get a chance to network with the amazing women this city holds so close to her heart. Each workout begins with getting to know the ladies who have joined that day, we break a sweat and for those with extra time we grab a coffee for the perfect ending.

“Nothing quite beats starting your day with a Candibod Fitclub session. Women with a strong mindset, ready to challenge themselves all gathering at the break of first light. And of course Candice is a phenomenal cheerleader though it all!” – Jo Davison

The reason I wanted to create this community for the women of Cape Town, to not only empower themselves by committing to the workout, but be empowered by the women surrounding them.

The Bod FitClub is back! Yay!

This morning will kick off with a 7:30am sweat sesh on the seapoint promenade (remember to bring along your own mat, plus a bottle of water.)

We’ll then head over to the President Hotel where we will do a build-your-own smoothie bowl workshop, and have some real chats about creating a realistic eating plan to fit into your lifestyle. We should end between 9:30am – 10am.

If you would like to pay on the day, it will be R50 more than the original price and remember there are limited spots available on the day.

So I would suggest booking your ticket ASAP!

I am so excited to spend the morning with you!



The Candibod Fitclub

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