This morning Woolworths invited some of Cape Towns finest foodies to a blind tasting of the reinvention of their yoghurts.

All the tables were beautifully prepped with what could only be described as a foodie science lab!

Even the way the yogurt was carefully tubed into our mini bowls made me squeal for joy, and then wait what we can add all the toppings too? #Heaven

After eyeing out all the goodies and grabbing a charcoal shot we found ourselves a seat at a tasting table where six new flavors where awaiting us for testing. A few terrible guesses later we then spent the rest of the time experimenting with flavors and toppings.

So now to the science! Basically Woolworths has reduced their artificial sugars with real sugars from fruits and added a rather gnarly twist of vegetable flavors for the more savory tongue. Trust Woolworths to figure out sweet potato and pear go so frik’n well together!
With the exclusive bifidobacterium cultures keeping your body in balance, and the 16% more natural fruit flavors feeding your taste buds some much needed nourishing, I can honestly say I am a fan and yes another item I will no doubt be adding to my shopping list.

May 31, 2017

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