• On the 17th of January I was asked to create two recipes which included ingredients that help release endorphin’s. With my favorite flavors in mind, I decided to stick to what I know best (healthy alternatives) and make a simple bad-ass smoothie and dark chocolate bites.

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  • After joining Cotton On Body for a in store shopping experience, we had a short interview that landed up on their Australian blog.

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  • Last week I had the pleasure of being apart of the Cotton On Body in store shop for their December range, I mean what more could a girl ask for?

    After a warm welcome form the Cotton On Body team, we were given the go ahead to shop for a few outfits that we would then shoot afterwards with the talented Tegan Smith. Its funny how you would think having no limit to your shop would make things easy, but it was the complete opposite! Cotton On Body has SERIOUSLY step up to the consumer plate; from styles to colors they have it all!



    After an hour or so, my indecisive self had finally agreed on the garments I was NOT prepared to leave behind. With both hands full of hangers I made my way to the changing room, with a smile so big you would have thought I was about to head off on a Caribbean cruise. Not only was the excitement of a shoot with one of my favorite Cape Town photographers sinking in, but all the clothes fit perfectly!

    Now on that note; being a lady with some simple curves I can still relate with ladies who go to stores and worry about active wear not fitting their body type (and those god awful changing room mirrors with lighting made for Victoria Secret models), but that’s one thing you do not have to worry about with Cotton On Body’s fits. Their range has kept every shape and size in mind, and they ensure all Cotton On Body ladies are well thought of and looked after.

    No matter your size or shape Cotton On Body has your back, or in this case your boody.



  • Nothing in this world touches my soul the way sleeping in on a Sunday morning does. So you can imagine the face I woke up with, knowing that by some awesome luck I was asked to come spend the afternoon at Dash Restaurant & Bar and have my pick at their lunch menu.

    As you walk into the restaurant, you first pass through the Queen Victoria Hotel entrance, which immediately makes you regret not booking yourself into a cushy room the night before, with skyscraper walls and chairs hotter than your mama’s Prada.


    After choosing a table with ‘blogger’ like lighting, we chatted over some tasters of wine, placed our food orders in, sat back and let the next three courses play out like a well-directed theater production. Not even a few sips into my first glass of Sauvignon Blanc, the starters rolled in and my napkin rolled out.

    Side note: My rule with food, is rather get two separate dishes, and split them! This way you get to try more and food envy gets kicked out the window. 



    Strawberry, beetroot and goat cheese salad, rocket and toasted pine nut.
    This is the perfect light dish to awaken your taste buds. An array of sweet and tangy flavors, combined to create a little bowl of happiness.


    Chicken, bacon and corn flatbread drizzled with a Parmesan cream reduction.
    A little on the heavier side, a lot of the yummy side. A flavor packed starter that could easily be mistaken for a main course in size, but still keeps the lightness in its ingredients.

    IMG_0909(1)*A foodie must


    Lamb burger on a ciabatta burger roll, halloumi, tzatziki, tomato jam and hummus, served with shoe string fries.
    Now due to my tummy leaving room for dessert I only ended up having a bite of this proud bun, but the bite that I did squeeze in was rich, creamy and saucy. It was everything you wanted in a burger and more, because well they had salty fries and what makes a dish come alive more than salted potatoes. Am I right?


    Fish of the day served with sticky soy glazed fish cakes, apple and mustard seed chutney.
    A light dish that is not only kind to the taste buds, but kind on the body as well. A perfect cut of hake, pan fried to perfection and served with a touch of sweetness that is best married with a squeeze of lemon. And as much as I would like to give the hero of the dish being the fish my standing ovation, it was without a doubt the soy glazed fish cakes that stole the show.



    Seasonal fruit lollipop with strawberry mousse and almond granola.
    Now I’m not going to lie to you and say I half expect little wooden kebab sticks with cut out fruit when I ordered this, however I was pleasantly surprised when this godlike bowl appeared on our table. One bite of that sorbet, and you might as well be walking around the streets in Italy.


    Pineapple and sage tarte tatin, beurre noisette ice cream and pot au creme.
    Last but not least, the queen of tarts. In all honesty I don’t even know how to categorize this beauty, she was as light as a croissant yet crumbled like your mom in laws Christmas pudding. The tarty sage goodness transports you into a night with Australian Master chefs, pair that with a good flat white and my dear you have won me over.


    All in all, it was one of my best foodie experiences to date. A perfect day to say the least, which I got to spend with the man in my life. #blessed



  • Being a personal trainer, most days I am up before the sun. I’ve organised everything I need for the day ahead the night before, so (with my eyes barely open) I throw on my clothes, grab my overnight oats from the kitchen and I’m out of the door. (If you like the sound of my overnight oats work day snack then click here to view my latest creation)

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