• Last week I treated myself to a juice cleanse at Rootbar, a cozy home away from home health bar in Newlands. I was in my last stages of recovering from months of being injured, and wanted to cleanse both my body and mind from any lingering non-badass vibes.

    I know this sounds weird, how can a bunch of juice sooth your mind? Well for me committing to something out of my comfort zone and allowing my body a break from what my mind thinks it wants instead of what it needs is just one of the many tools to setting yourself back on a clean slate.


    I personally don’t feel one should commit to a cleanse of any sort for the end goal of loosing weight, a cleanse is essential giving your gut a god dam break from all the processed and hard products we unconsciously put into our bodies on a daily basis.

    Okay so enough about my feelings, lets get down to breaking this process down briefly.

    Firstly, what I really admired about Rootbars way of doing a juice cleanses is that they make each batch of juices that morning to give to your FRESH! Now this might not seem like a game changer, but it really is.

    You see most juice bars freeze their products and give them to your after being made days in advanced. There is a lot of discussion whether it makes a difference being flash frozen or not, but in all honesty if you are making them fresh every day, with all the nutrients there for the taking, well then you win.

    Not only where my juices made on the day, they were delivered to my work with cheeky sayings written on my morning EVERYTHING shot. I say everything because the way it turned my face as I swigged the ginger baby down is the only thing I can describe it as. *laughs



    Juice One – Wake up Green

    This is by far my favorite! The perfect combination of cucumber, oats, kale, spinach, oranges, dates and seed mix.

    Juice Two – Sweet Green

    The main refresher and a light mix of flavors. This dark beauty is made with pineapple, pear, kale, lemon, ginger and mint.

    Juice Three – Rehydrate

    This little baby is a meal by herself, which would make sense as your ‘lunch’ time juice, a lovely dense mix of kale, blueberries, almond butter, chia seeds and coconut water.

    Juice Four – Juice all day

    Ima be real with ya’llz, this was the one juice I found hard to stomach.

    See I had my own juice company many moons ago, and I went to hard on the beetroot flavor. So it leaves a bitter taste in my mouth, quite literally; however if you are a beet lover, you’ll be pretty dang happy with it.

    Nut Milk – Chewy Chai Cashew & Chocolate Almond Milk

    Over the two days of the cleanse I got to try both flavors of almond milk, both great; but my chocolate fiend self will highly suggest the chocolate over the latter.



    1. The greener the better! This is simple, your green juice cleanse will be made of produce lower in sugar; which will help keep your sugar leaves stable and not have you peeking on that pineapple combo you just gulped down.
    2. Prepare your body! Don’t go and eat five burgers the night before your cleanse in hope you wont feel as hungry over the next few days. This will make something that is already a bit of a mind tester, into something borderline impossible to complete. Three days before your cleanse is the day you should start cutting down on proteins and processed foods, and the day before I would suggest you follow a vegan like eating plan.


    August 27, 2016
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