• I had the privilege of hosting Alpen Muesli’s very first Alpen Activate with such an incredible team. The event took place in Cape Town on Saturday, 8 July.

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  • It’s been an amazing partnership over the past few months; I have honestly seen such a change in my skin from its glow to just feeling and looking super duper nourished.
    I always try not ordering the same thing each month to really enjoy the variety they have to offer so here are my June favorites:

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  • Good Morning Beauties, and welcome to my everyday super hero, the Daily Superfoliant!

    Before I tell you about the new additional to my skin routine (and yes I am LOVING having a routine these days) I’d like to hit you with some pretty narly facts about your skin and pollution. Did you know that 88% of us breathe air that is below the world health organizations safety standards? Or that some cities have more than 161 days of unhealthy breathing air per year? Or that after 8 hours in unhealthy air, your skin will have 1 gram of pollution adhesion’s?

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  • Hi there babes!

    All right so before we get into this blog post I have a confession to make, I am indeed or used to be the girl who washed her face with soap. I left make up on over night and pretty much had NO form of facial routine. This wasn’t because I didn’t want to; I think I just didn’t know where to start or what was best for my skin.

    So basically I went to Dermalogica for a free skin mapping consultation, where the skin care professional got close up and personal to my pores to see what was going on. After a quick free check in, a skin care routine was created that would best suit my skin and lifestyle.

    On that note, here are the products that make up my new daily skin routine!

    Now this is my personal favorite! When I was a soap face washer I would probably need to wash my face around 4/5 times to get it mildly make up free and still have a messy towel afterwards. The Precleanse is an oil-based product you apply on your face before you wet or clean it. The oil sticks to all the dirt & make up before you even get to the actual skin that needs to be washed.

    A refreshing gel that smells amazing! Leaving the skin feeling soothed, light and a maximum of one wash after the Precleanse.

    Okay so basically a miracle worker. The Daily Resurfacer is the exfoliation process best suited for those with sensitive skin or allergies (which I have been blessed with both… ha ha) So instead of using a grain or bead like exfoliator, I have been allocated these little finger hats of goodness. Essentially each finger hat contains little Pac Men helpers that eat away at the dead skins cell on your face, leaving you with an exfoliation that leaves your skin soothed and not full of red blotches or dryness.

    Now this step I use mainly in the AM as I find the Skin Smoothing Cream suits me better at night. This baby you just sprites on your face to leave it feeling fresh AF! The mist instantly soothes sensitivity that may have been caused by the Daily Resurfacer (which it shouldn’t) but in the bazaar incident that it does, this baby has your back. Not only is it a perfect STEP FOUR, its also a perfect STEP ALWAYS! I carry this around with me and give my face some extra hydration after instructing a class or even after a work out if I’m on the go. Remember your sin is your biggest organ so we need to keep it hydrated!

    Pretty much all you need to know is in the name if I’m being honest. If my skin is feeling super dry I will use it both in the AM & PM, however starting off with so many products It has suited me best just at night.

    This is some powerful shizniz y’alls! If you have every looked for the hydrating supreme mask look no further! Like the hero of the night, while you sleep this champion is fighting off those fine lines making sure you are looking fresh AF the next morning.

    Now this is a real big girl step in my life, and I did have some questions to whether I really needed an eye cream at the tender age of 26. However as my mama always told me, prevention is better than fixing! So here I am, placing magic on my eyes one night at a time.

    Feeling a lot like Jenny from the block, I will always know where I came from using soup, but dam it feels good to be looking after my skin like a rock star!


    All my love,

  • Alright guys, lets talk Wazoogles!

    Since my partnership with Wazoogles started there has been one reoccurring question that keeps popping up, and that’s ‘What flavor should I get?

    Now personally I would say all of them, but we are all individuals with different taste buds. So today I have decided to introduce to you the family that is Wazoogles, give you my opinion as to which flavor is best for what recipe and then end it off with a link to one of my most recent under 7 ingredient recipes.
    Goodness me that was an extensive use of the word ‘recipes’, ANYWAY moving on.

    Firstly, what is Wazoogles and why is it better in my option than your local whey option? So basically Wazoogles is a superfood blend mixed with pea protein, every scoop contains antioxidants, living enzymes, essential minerals, plant based protein and a wide spectrum of vital nutrients. Every precious scoop is free of added sugar, chemicals, colorants, flavourants, or fillers.

    So you may be asking ‘What are superfoods?’
    Superfoods are the most mineral and nutrient dense foods on the planet. Easily absorbed by the human body. For more information on superfoods, head over to the Wazoogle site: www.wazoogles.com

    Also know as the princess of the Wazoogle family, she is pretty as a picture and will go down best in a refreshing berry smoothie!

    Recipe below:
    Berry Bomb

    A sneaky character this one, one moment you don’t know who he is, and the next you cant see a life without him. A man best enjoyed as a thick smoothie bowl.

    Recipes below:
    Garden of Eden
    The Jungle With Wazoogles

    The socialite of the family, can pretty much make any one smile and feel happy after her presence. This little treat is what I would recommend for beginners; from oats to smoothies and even that flapjack treat on a Sunday, there are only clear skies with this friendly tool in your kitchen.

    Recipes below:
    Coconut Mondays
    Super Food Flapjacks

    Spring for Breakfast

    Now I will be totally transparent and say I have yet to make a recipe with the coffee flavored Wazoogles due to my mind making a coffee before I even open my eyes in the morning. However, noted and with that being said I will make a conscious effort to include him in my next creation.

    When ever I say this in my head I also have the one line from Cat in the Hat where he is thinking of names and goes ‘Chocolate thunnnndaaaa’ and that my friends is because this little packet holds all the goods! To me this is my ultimate, if I could switch all the chocolate goods in the world to taste like this does in my breakfast I would (oh wait I already do that ha ha)

    Recipes below:
    An Overnight Chocolate Delight
    Creamy Peanut Butter Chocolate Vegan Nice Cream
    Creamy Moondust Banana Quinao Porriage

    And as promised my new Wazoogle Wednesday recipe!


    • 1/2 gluten free oats
    • 1/2 cup wtaer
    • 1/2 coconut milk
    • 1 tsp cinnamon
    • 1 severing Vanilla Sky Wazoogles

    Heat all ingredients on a pot till you reach a creamy consistency, 1 minute before taking off the heat add your Wazoogles and an extra splash of coconut milk.
    Mix & serve with seasonal berries, enjoy! x

    All my love,

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