• I’ll tell you what, nothing can compare to the smell of freshly baked chocolate chip cookies; especially when Melissa’s surprises you with their secret batter mixture.


    The majority of the ingredients are in the mix; all you need is some butter, one perfect egg and some sweet ass vanilla essences!

    The mixture takes about 25-30 minutes in total to prep, cook and cool, however I was told by a few cookie taster experts, aka my boyfriend and his mates, that the secret to the perfect cookie is to only eat them the next day when they are crunchie’as.


    Marry that with a hot cuppa, and you got yourself tea minus 25 cookies.

    Don’t break the big chucks of dark chocolate inside; the way they melt in the cookie is perfection.
    Don’t skimp on cheap butter, its really the foundation to the crisp.
    Leave over night, but indulge in at least one tablespoon of cookie dough.
    Best paired with milk, and your favorite series with no distractions.




    September 2, 2016
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