Bod Volume 1 – Bod Eight Week Active Lifestyle Challenge


The first volume of Bod digital downloads is a holistic approach to forming, or reconnecting with, an active lifestyle.

You have 90 days from the date of purchase to download the book. You can log in any time before the 90 day period to download the ebook.


Product Description

This transformative 100-page eBook contains 8 guided weeks of effective bodyweight movements, mindful tips, personal progress tracking, and wholesome healing recipes. Keeping busy schedules in mind, the programmes are all easily approachable and flexible without being demanding on your time. It is created for anyone who is anywhere with their body and fitness with a strong focus on your individual strength and energy, each day and each week. By the end of the Bod Challenge you will have all the tools to feel confident, to work on yourself, and feel connected to your body once again.