Last week I made my way to the tall building jungle of South Africa, to meet up with some of the Jozi women influences at the Adidas Women Body Brunch event.

As I arrived in Johannesburg it was raining; I got into my Uber and whilst we made our way to the hotel I gave out my first world problem comment on the ‘bad’ weather, only to be told by the man getting me there safe that in his culture arriving at a new destination and bringing rain with me was in fact a good omen. In his culture I was what you call a bringing of luck. Entering Johannesburg with those words is something I will never forget, and I will always hold close to me.

I unpacked, made me way to dinner with the Adidas family to a place that only served the best version of everything pasta and cheese. After a good nights rest I decided to wake up early, get my Kayla work out in and get ready for my first Adidas event.

As I arrived at the Body Brunch I saw women coming out of all corners of the street, and with out question all dressed in Adidas. We made our way up the stairs to the first room of the event. It was perfect, perfect in purple and all I could think of was ‘dam I knew I should have worn my purple outfit’ classic blogger comment right there.

We were then lead by the stunning Cara in one of her cardio yoga classes, and once we had moaned threw stretches we didn’t think we would be stretching on a Saturday moaning we headed to the roof top for the part of the event I was extremely nervous but excited for.

Now I’m sure you are wondering WHY? Well you see this wasn’t just any event. This was my FIRST Adidas Women event where I was to not only doing a live demo of my favorite Wazoogle smoothie bowls, but I was to give an inspirational speech to some of my favorite female inspirations. With that being said I thought this might be a great platform to not only keep my speech, but to share with you as my reader a part of what I shared with the ladies that day.

“So this has been a dream of mine, and also one of biggest fears to chat in front of people whom I truly look up to and a brand I live my life by. When asked to speak today my initial reaction was ‘Can I even do this’ and then my second was ‘Candice you know this feeling, it’s the feeling of magic on the other side’
See now I know this feeling all to well, its how I got to standing in front of you today. Two years ago I was sitting behind my desk job as a graphic design for the 4th year running. Sitting behind an email banner I couldn’t relate to. Who is this Candice? I don’t recognize her? I see the name at the end of the email banner, but that’s it. Now don’t get me wrong, there are people who are CRAZY good and fulfilled in that industry and 100 percent to them! I however, did not see this being my life. So I changed it. I got up from my desk, went to the top of the company’s roof, had my big girl sob to my mom and quit my job the next day.
Fast forward a bit in clock time, I worked part time and odd jobs to become a student at 24 years old. Studied to be a personal trainer and nutritional advisor, spent a year understanding EMS training and injuries to work up to be a SWEAT1000 instructor. Made a blog, and then got asked to tell my story here today.
With time being limited I thought, why not just think of the ONE thing I would share with you ladies today. Not advise, but just sharing, is this. So we are all here, meeting amazing people and influencers and in a world with so much power at the touch of our hands. Why not just pick one thing, and make it yours. One thing that makes you tingly inside and make it yours. Write it on a piece of paper, on your phone background, just write that one thing and fully commit. No excuses. Weather its fitness, health, gratitude, or blogging whatever your word is. But that’s only half of it, you gatta do the work. Once the New Year comes your life will be transformed. Me standing here is an example of this. I am slightly shy to admit, but I wrote on a piece of paper 3 months ago and made it my phone background that I wanted to be a brand ambassador for Adidas. I believed in the brand and what Adidas stood for, and I truly do believe that because I trusted the universe and the process, that is why I am in front of you today telling you my story. I didn’t have a set goal as to what I would be doing, all I knew is that this was my one thing and I committed fully to it.”

Click here to view full Wazoogle smoothie bowl recipe

So once I had done my thing, it was time to get to know some of these amazing ladies, fill my belly and sit in a massive bubble of gratitude to what the universe has just given to me.

An event I will never forget, thank you Adidas!

All my love,