Good Morning Beauties, and welcome to my everyday super hero, the Daily Superfoliant!

Before I tell you about the new additional to my skin routine (and yes I am LOVING having a routine these days) I’d like to hit you with some pretty narly facts about your skin and pollution. Did you know that 88% of us breathe air that is below the world health organizations safety standards? Or that some cities have more than 161 days of unhealthy breathing air per year? Or that after 8 hours in unhealthy air, your skin will have 1 gram of pollution adhesion’s?

For someone like me who is ALWAYS outsides, those are some pretty scary facts.

Now the further we research into the affects pollution has on our skin, the more it is a direct reflection on the aging process. YIKES!
This damage causes things like inflammation and just mass damage to our biggest organ, OUR SKIN!

By using the Daily Superfoliant, we go beyond the double cleanse and help the skin with absorbing agents, providing it with antioxidant protection, help prevent adherence and basically protect your precious skin!

Activated Binchotan Charcoal – Adsorbs pollutantsLactic & Malic acid – Resurfacing
Papain, Lipase, Subtilisin – Digest protiens

So the BIG questions for those who are Dermalogica users will probably be ‘How is it different to the Daily Microfoliant?’

Well here are some points:
Normal to mature or prematurely aging skin conditions
Neutral pH opens pores
Powerfully resurfaces the skin
Anti-adherence complex protects skin
Detoxifies and absorbs surface pollutant
Antioxidants fight pollutants

And last but not least, how to add this into your skin routine. If you already have an exfoliate dont worry you dont have to get rid of it! All I do is change between the two. Everyone’s routine is different, however I try exfoliate three times a week with AT LEAST one day in between to not break to much skin on my chubby little cheeks!

I hope this helps, and if you have any further questions please feel free to ask!

All my love,


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