Being a personal trainer, most days I am up before the sun. I’ve organised everything I need for the day ahead the night before, so (with my eyes barely open) I throw on my clothes, grab my overnight oats from the kitchen and I’m out of the door. (If you like the sound of my overnight oats work day snack then click here to view my latest creation)

The great thing about working at a gym (BODYTEC) is that every other day I end work around 12h30 and I get to go straight from training others to training myself before my body starts to power down and my brain goes into “cozy mode”. The other days of the week I do the same, but the struggle is real.


My self training regime for the week goes a little something like this:
Monday – warm up with Kayla arms and finish with chest day
Tuesday – shoulder day & twenty minute cardio session
Wednesday – back day & twenty minute cardio session
Thursday – warm up with Kayla full body and finish with triceps and biceps
Friday – cardio warm up & leg day
Saturday – sweat1000 class
Sunday – rest or hike with the puppies

Leg day is my favorite by far and includes a lot of booty work. If this is your speed too then there is a leg day routine below of mine that you might enjoy.

Each exercise has 3  sets of 12 reps, and is superset with another exercise

Weighted squats
Single leg sliders

Cable adductors
Cable abductors

Leg press
Weighted walking lunges

Adductor machine
Abductor machine

Single leg bridges (using a bench)
Dead lifts


Once I’ve worked up a sweat and toweled off, the rest of my day involves a combination of blogging, baking, trying out a UCOOK meal or two and keeping up to date on emails. On the weekend, however, you’ll find me at a new local eatery that caught my eye on Instagram and snapping some pics of something yummy.



After a good meal, I take to the streets to work off some of the post food guilt, maybe grab a green juice, and snapchat on the way home.

As my day starts to wind down, I start making supper and plan for the next day ahead of me. But before the day is over I think it is important to look back over my day and take stock of what I experienced, emotionally and physically. I write down the things that made me happy as well as any anxious or stressed feelings that may have crossed my mind during my workout or my wanderings, and think about what I can do to resolve them. My life coach recommended the process to me and I can tell you that there is nothing better than a clear mind before crawling into bed.


Once that’s over I am a slave to technology one last time (emails, Instagram, the usual) then pop my phone out of hands reach and say out loud three things that I have been grateful for that day.

With all that over its time to close my eyes before it starts all over again at 530 the next morning!



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