It’s been an amazing partnership over the past few months; I have honestly seen such a change in my skin from its glow to just feeling and looking super duper nourished.
I always try not ordering the same thing each month to really enjoy the variety they have to offer so here are my June favorites:

Guys I’m going to be real with you this stuff smells so good I have had moments of almost licking my skin! With winter on it’s way this is a great buy to keep your skin hydrated after a workout and still leave you smelling like summer.

Sho this has changed my life! I have never used a primer until I heard it on a vlog the other day and was like ‘I should probably try that’ ha ha. I wasn’t aware Dermalogica had beauty products but when I saw this I literally was like SCORE ha ha, I am such a child.


Now if you are not into Botox like me but sometimes crave the idea of an eye-lift at 5 am this is your baby! It takes about 3 minutes in total to apply but it’s so dang worth it!

I have been seriously loving the skin smoothing cream, however I do find it quite dense (which i love using as a daily night time mask) but in the day it’s always nice to have a lighter option especially if you are wearing makeup which is why this has become one of my June favorites.

Adding the above to my everyday cleanser and exfoliates has been such a privilege and I can’t stress enough how nourishing Dermalogica has been for my skin!
So if you have any questions please pop me a message in the comments!

All my love,

June 3, 2017

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