• As a typical Capetonian I have been to the V&A Waterfront to do all my Christmas shopping for the past decade, but made little effort to get to know what the place had to offer on those weekends I couldn’t find something to do.

    This past Sunday I was invited to the GINJA Restaurant, for a fine dining picnic while we watched Watershed play live, and all I could think to myself was ‘Candice why has it taken you this bloody long to come here’? On arrival we were seated at a quaint table, where a stunning picnic bundle was unraveled before our hungry eyes to reveal an assortment of mini foods and treats. From bagels to the perfect chardonnay, this foodie was happy and not going anywhere soon!

    We set the table up to be Instagram appropriate (obviously), snapped away at our scrumptious picnic ahead until our hungry stomachs got the better of us. With some of my favorite songs playing in the background to the taste of salmon in my mouth, I truly couldn’t have spent this past Sunday in a better spot.





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