• Both are happiest when the day starts with nature and ends in breakfast.

    Some of you might remember us getting honey a week or so before lockdown? Let’s just say the activities and pup socializing experience was vastly different the second time around.

    Not only was the social side different, we soon figured out her eating would need to be different.

    She wasn’t picking up enough weight to feel safe or to be her happiest self — so we switched to Eukanuba { which she has been enjoying for several months now } and more so than ever, I feel a photo says a thousand words more than I could.

    With more energy, walks have become a centre of our family joy 😌

    Now that the restrictions are less we get to be out and about far more this summer, which means more opportunities for outdoor adventures with our fur babies.

    Here is our summer pet-friendly outdoor adventure bucket list:

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