Yesterday I was ask to speak about applying the principles of marketing to having a strategy to living your best business gal life and the advice I would give being my own boss. I’ll be honest I had to read that sentence about 6 times to even understand it myself. And that’s when I realised that I probably wasn’t alone and that somehow a lot of us have found ourselves in this weird space of being almost 30, starting our own businesses – planned or not, while being in between eras of dial ups and Instagram.

Over the past 4 years of unintentionally starting a brand, I sometimes find it rather tricky to shed light on strategies and marketing because I truly have just been learning as I go. Sure I could have popped onto google and given you a full on break down “plan” on how to “succeed” but the raw honest truth is there is no secret formula out there thats going to get your to where you feel success is waiting for you. Because honey its never waiting for you, the only thing thats in-between where you are now, and where you want to be is YOU.

So instead of me channeling my inner wanna be Forbes business guru, I want to share THE REAL THINGS I have been through, and the advice I would share being someone who found herself as a brand because she was just trying to get her full name into an Instagram handle.

1. Saying yes to things that make you feel uncomfortable and putting yourself out there EVERYDAY.
For example, I knew I wasn’t a marketing strategist when I agreed to be a guest speaker today, but I also knew I had experience in the process and that this was a great place to network with like minded women who totally get it when it comes to the everyday struggles. 

2. You will never be ready or prepared for the stress or situations you find yourself in.
Whether thats a speech like today or trying to choose the ‘best’ time of year to launch a product, from experience there is no ‘best’ time.

Each option will come with its pro’s and con’s – personally I found that waiting for the right time ended up creating space for doubt, not following through or seeing the next kid on the block do what you were to scared to. So best advice, the best time to start is RIGHT NOW.

3. Focus on one thing at a time – so if you have a product for example, focus on one core product and branch off that.
This helps you get an idea on what to expect from yourself and the process. So for example, I recently brought out an eBook for my community – but in the back of my mind I wanted to bring out an eBook, activewear, podcast and other products all at the same time.

But imagine I did that right, and then didn’t focus on number two’s point as well { being prepared for stressful situations } and I go through all this stress for multiple projects, only to burn myself out and put maybe 5% into each? This would nine times out of ten result in the consumer/your audiance seeing it as average product, where as if I were to focus on 1 thing with full attention I can promise you the outcome is FAR more rewarding.

4. Be Prepared to sacrifice
Now, I am very at peace with this as its something I have learnt at a very young age. My parents had me working through school, high-school, college to present. Having that drive installed in me at such a young age, has allowed me to fully understand the benefits of sacrifice. But I get it, we all have our own journeys/up bringing’s and learn this lesson in our own time.

If you are still struggling to part with night outs, weekend get aways or friend dinners I hear you. I guess what I like to mention is the same things I do to the Boss Model ladies I mentor, “This is something you have chosen, you have the option ALWAYS to change what you want out of life. But if you are choosing this, then you choose the sacrifice to. Its part of it, but its also your choice to choose this path”

5. It can get lonely…
With sacrifice it can get real lonely working for yourself, or even working around a tone of people. Loneliness is a very real thing when you are walking the less occupied path. My best advice is focus on a core group of people you can trust, who will call you out on your shiz, who will lift you up in the darkest of times and who will be there picking up the mess after your first event ends. Another great thing I did recently was hire an assistant, but if you aren’t looking for help right now even just working with someone who has a similar working lifestyle as you can be SO helpful.

Grab your laptops, choose a new working cafe for the day and use the space to also bounce ideas off each other. NOW, this is when what I said previously becomes SO important, the ‘being able to trust people’. As exciting as your new adventure is, I do think its worth being mindful of who you share your work ideas with. I have learnt this the hard way, and have seen things manifest on others platforms or heard in the grapevine that Lafanda is now doing X when I’m pretty sure I shared my most vulnerable ideas with that person. Choose your working family wisely.

6. Hire to your weakness, don’t hire your double.
When it came to hiring my first assistant last month I had no idea what I was looking for! I mean, sure I wanted her to be able to do admin things but surely I could also do that? But could I do it in the short amount of time as her? As efficient? Or just better to be honest. Finding people who are better at things than you is not a weakness, but trying to do everything yourself will soon become one and thats the biggest mistake I made when I started to do more things with my brand. Which leads into the next point.

7. Don’t just learn from mistakes, embrace them!
This is the time to GROW! Whenever I tell Luke my partner I messed up, he always respond with “GOOD, now you get to learn how to be even better”.  To be honest I want to smack the grin off his handsome face when he says this to me. “Like buddy, do you even know the stress that went into getting this almost perfect?!”
But the truth is, there is no perfect, there is only learning to be better.

8. Focus on helping people not making money; if your intentions are right the money will come.
In the beginning I was so stressed I wouldn’t make money, this was a fear that manifested in me growing up. The fear of not surviving is SO REAL. But when I realised that it was never about money, that my mission stemmed from a much deeper root than that and by focusing on adding value in the spaces that where empty the money followed.

I truly believe that money is just another way of exchanging energy, and that what you put into this world will always come back to you. So I guess my advice is obviously be smart, but do it from a place of unquestionable authenticity and love. 

9. Invest in your business the same you would in your life.
For example how I eat, train and look after myself is the same energy I out into my business.

10. Have fun!
We can get so caught up in reaching goals, that we forget to actually make the road to ‘X’ goal dang amazing! Sure there will be bad days, but for the most part your journey should be one you’re truly enjoying. If that’s one thing I get reminded of everyday, is life really is to short to sweat the small stuff.

I really hope you enjoyed this – as always be kind to those around you, we are all doing our best.




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