Recently I treated myself to a pair of Adidas Ultra Boost shoes, and never have I felt so content with a purchase in my life. I was very undecided when looking for shoes, as I wanted to get a pair of sneakers that allowed me to do multi-purpose training as well as work in and wear as casual wear.

I could have opted for a shoe for each of those activities but have not been able to find one that I felt 100% happy with as the perfect combination in comfort and style.


And then I saw these cuties, and fell so in love it not only kept me up at night but I became borderline obsessed over social media platforms. I’ll admit I have a huge shoe addiction, but for the first time in ages I had facts to back me up as to why this shoe really is the only pair of shoes you will ever need as a personal trainer or just a busy body on your feet all day.

So let’s break this shoe down a little.

The Ultra boost offers a stretchy, “Primeknite” sock-like fit with no tongue. You slip your foot into the shoe as if it had a built in sock. This used to put me off, but the way the shoe is shaped you honestly don’t even realize it until you have the shoe in your hand.

You know that cheesy saying, ‘I feel like I’m walking on marshmallows’ well I’m sorry but there just isn’t another way of putting it. The Boost’s sole is incredibly responsive to the way you walk, train and run. The foam, energy-returning mid-sole is light, cushioned, and gives bounce to every stride. You literally find yourself walking with a spring in your step, or finding that 5kms into your run, your shoes start making those unforgiving hills that much more bearable.

The Support of the shoe is the one aspect that is most relevant to my current body state which sees me suffering from a tight Achilles and weak ankles. The Ultra Boosts have been designed support the Achilles much more than your average shoe providing both stability and structure to your running mechanics. For me the way in which the shoes provided me with the perfect fit while at the same time allowing for natural and unrestricted movement of my Achilles tendon was an absolute winner. The shoe has been designed with a “Torsion” system which replicates the natural flex of the foot and allows for a smooth heel strike and what is known as a toe-off motion.

To conclude, if you are looking for an all rounder shoe that is going to give your foot support from running your groceries up the stairs or getting through that 12 km run on the weekend. THESE ARE YOUR SHOES.

Where the Ultra Boosts where tested by yours truely:
SWEAT1000 Classes (Includes treadmill running, functional training and weights)
Training clients
I actually haven’t taken them off for anything and I don’t intend on doing so for a while.
July 31, 2016

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