So take a girl with the energy of a greyhound stuck behind a desk for too many years who gave it all up to pursue a more fulfilling life centered around her passion for health and fitness. That rather convoluted sentence sums me up.

After quitting my job as a graphic designer (too many days spent tapping your feet under a desk can do crazy things to you), I studied personal training and nutrition. The next step was sharing my love and excitement for and wellness, and thus Candibod fitness came to life.

This blog combines my love for design and detail with my enthusiasm for a healthy and well-balanced lifestyle.

Take away all the fluff and you get a Cape Town girl who is crazy at heart, loves coffee and good food (perhaps a little too much), likes to experiment in the kitchen and who just wants to share the things in life that inspire her.


How tall am I?


How much do I weigh?

Honestly I had to go use a scale now because I am VERY against these box like creatures but to answer your question, 50kg currently as I type this.

Do I do Kayla’s workouts, and do I follow her eating plan?

I have been doing her workouts for a while now, however due to a recent injury I have been designing a new workout program around getting stronger than leaner.

My daily workouts will still incorporate one circuit of each Kayla workout designed for that day (so circuit 1 and 2, but I don’t do 3 and 4). Once I have the blood flowing I continue with my hypo trophy workout, which is a 5-day split routine.

For Example:
  • Monday: Warm up with Kayla arms, finish with chest day
  • Tuesday: Shoulder day & 20min cardio
  • Wednesday: Back day & 20min cardio
  • Thursday: Warm up with Kayla full body, finish with triceps and biceps
  • Friday: Warm up with cardio then Leg day
  • Saturday: Sweat1000 class
  • Sunday: Rest day or a hike with the puppies

With regards to how I eat, I feel like I’m still figuring that one out. I don’t follow Kayla’s eating plan, as it just didn’t fit my budget. So at the moment I just try keep my eating as clean and balanced as possible with A LOT of water.

I have been trying my best to reduce grains (as I find myself snacking on way to much toast in the day) and natural sugars as I can get a tad crazy with my fruit portions. The reason for this is both can cause an inflammatory response to the body, which can play a huge role when healing from an injury.

I guess I just try and work towards a sustainable, balanced lifestyle instead of fad dieting.

Do I use supplements, and if so which ones?

I used to use whey and other supplements during my fitness career, however i have realized over the years that keeping it as natural as possibly is the most effective and sustainable way forward.

I use an abundance of super foods and natural energy sources to get my going in the morning.

What photo app do I use?

VSCO and touch it up in Instagram.