8 week transformation with the SWEAT 12 week challenge.
But this is only the start of it.

It’s been 8 weeks into the SWEAT challenge, and even though this is my third time completing the BBG guide, every time I learn something different.

The first 12 weeks was about starting my journey in fitness, the second was to see a physical transformation and now the third being a mental one. I wanted to transform my attitude towards a program, and not focus on the outcome but rather the lessons picked up along the way.

This round of the 12-week challenge has shown me the power of accountability, and how rewarding it can be to stick to your word. As you might have read in my previous blog post about starting your fitness journey, having a sense of accountability has been one of the main tools that have helped me to reach this 8-week mark.

If you have reached the 8-week challenge mark with me, you might have also found the last two weeks tough mentally? If you did – you are not alone! I think it’s because we hit that awkward stage in the program where everything is hurting a little more than we are used to, with a side of not seeing the ‘progress’ we feel is owed to us. The thing is, the progress is there, it’s right in front of us – iIt’s just not tangible because it’s how we see ourselves, and what progress means to YOU as an individual going through our own journey.

My journey this round has been focused on getting past the mental block of an old injury and going off the pill after ten years.

This resulted in a lot of self-doubt, and having to push past the idea of not being able to do something a few months ago, and actually being capable of it now. Not to mention the fab weight fluctuations, skin breakouts and for lack of a better word ‘moodiness’ my hormones brought to the table.

There have been days I didn’t want to show up, workout or get out of bed – but I did. There were days I couldn’t do burpees, tuck jumps or jump lunges; but I got my sassy self out of bed and just modified the exercises where I could. The point I am trying to get at clearly is that it doesn’t matter what you THINK is needed from you in this challenge, your biggest assist to progress is just showing up and doing what you can each day to reach your goal.

It’s not an easy task believing in yourself with all that chaos going on upstairs, but it’s LIFE changing when you make the choice to. I feel incredibly proud of how far I have come in the past year, keeping in mind the above and urge you to not give up now – you have come this far!

If you are part of the Sweat 12 week challenge and have any questions or just want to share your story, don’t be shy – just pop a comment below, would love to hear from you!

All my love,



  1. Lente says:

    Hello Candice

    Do you only do BBG or do you add it to your exercise program?

  2. Lente says:

    Hello Candice
    Is BBG the only exercise you do? Or do you add it to your program?

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