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    I hope everyone is having the best week, and that you feel on top of your game (and if you don’t, that’s also okay! Take it one day at a time.)

    I have been super excited to let you all know a bit more about a brand that I have recently collaborated with, and which I feel really passionate about. For us Capetonian girls, I feel like the water crisis hit us pretty hard with power showers (which meant minimal hair washing.) As much as we would love to always be el-naturel with our hair, sometimes a good wash is all you need to help you feel like you can take on your day.

    I really love this brand, as it is pretty centered around and was inspired by the water crisis in Cape Town (we are the global launch city actually), and its main purpose is to help eliminate awkward hair in between washes (trust me, this girl needs a backup plan.) This brand is called  WATERL<SS. A water savvy and cruelty-free, range of products that includes dry shampoo’s (invisible spray and foam), dry conditioner’s, as well as a mini range of hair refreshers!

    Regardless if you are looking to save water or just have refreshed hair, I also think this product suits the lifestyle that we Capetonains live. Sometimes the thought of getting up an hour earlier just to wash and dry my hair is worse than sitting in an hour (or TEN) of traffic. WATERL<SS definitely caters to the everyday girl (and every hair type), and I am so excited to give you a little more insight to this beautiful brand!

    So, here is the range of products!



    This product is more for fine/thin-to-medium thickness hair (so this is the product I would personally use.) What I absolutely adore, is that this dry shampoo leaves no awkward white, powdery residue. It’s completely residue-free! Also, once you’ve sprayed the dry shampoo into your hair, you can reactivate the scent of the shampoo by running your fingers through your hair! So fresh hair all day long. 

    ~ a fun tip for those girls who need to save their hair from yet another wash after a workout ~

    Spray your dry shampoo onto your hair before you work out, so the product can do the work as the oil is released from your hair while you get that sweat sesh done.
    When you spray it after, the product has got to do twice as much work!


    It’s as simple as shake, spray and wait for the product to activate (t-minus a few seconds).
    Start at the roots and work your way down to the middle of your hair length, leaving the ends to be attended to by the dry conditioner of choice. 



    If you’re more into a mousse form of dry shampoo, this is the product for you! Once again, completely residue-free. It really leaves your roots looking refreshed and revitalized, not greasy in the slightest. And yes, it’s got the exact same scent reactivation qualities. Fresh hair, all day long.


    It’s as simple as shake and squirt a walnut size ball of foam into the palm of your hand. Start at the roots and work your way down to the middle of your hair length, leaving the ends to be attended to by the dry conditioner of choice.



    This would be the perfect product for girls with curlier and drier hair types. This conditioner restores softness to your ends without a wash! It’s basically the same as using a normal hair conditioner in the shower, minus the water. What’s amazing is you can also put this on your roots if you’ve got thicker hair for refreshed and shiny hair, and it has the reactivating scent as well. (Plus, it also helps get rid of any fizzy bits you need to get under control.) Although I have quite straight hair, I also have some fizzy bits here and there. This is the perfect two in one – you can get that frizz under control, as well as have soft ends. I love this one!


    Shake, spray by holding the can 20-30cms away from your hair applying it mid-length to the ends



    Suitable for all hair types. This conditioner instantly softens your hair and leaves it hydrated AF. WATERL<SS Dry Conditioner is actually crazy cool! The unique technology penetrates the hair fiber, controlling water loss and making hair softer and more pliable. The end result is as good as a regular rinse off conditioner. Leaving your hair super smooth!


    Shake, spray by holding the can 20-30cms away from your hair applying it mid-length to the ends.


    Who doesn’t struggle with post-braai-smokey hair? You can save that freshly washed hair from yet another wash by using one of these nifty little Hair Refreshers. (It makes you feel like you’ve walked straight out of the salon!) They’re handbag sized for your convenience, and they’re the perfect little tool to use to freshen up your hair throughout the day. It’s also got the same scent reactivation qualities as the other products. Think of a hair perfume on steroids, which comes in 3 different scents, is alcohol-free therefore nourishing, tames frizz and controls static.


    Shake & Spray as much as you need to! I personally like to do one big hold, spray and wind around the world motion aka my head till I’m smelling like I just stepped out the salon.

    The Dry Shampoo’s and Dry Conditioners come in a handbag size too, so you can touch up your hair on the go without having to carry around a bigger bottle. Plus if you’re like me and you lose your lids for everything, most of the products are designed with a rotating lid locking mechanism (so if you lose the top part you’ll be safe from spillage in your bag!).

    If you’re wondering where to find these nifty WATERL<SS products you can find them at select Clicks stores nationwide (mostly CPT for now) or on Clicks online.
    They’re priced from R70 – R150 (ranging from handbag sized to the bigger bottle sized.) 

    I hope this blog post has given you a little more insight on all things WATERL<SS, and how you can have fresh, beautiful hair without a single drop of water!

    If you have any questions, please pop a comment below!

    Otherwise you can head to my YouTube channel where I answer a few FAQ’s on the products – CLICK HERE to watch 🙂 

    Sending you all my love and hugs!

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